How to Surprise Your Swimming Partners With Your New Speed and Power in the Water

Even if you think you've reached your peak and can't go faster


Swim Fast Even If You Are An Average Swimmer Today

From: An average swimmer who just could not break through to the next level!

Dear swimming enthusiast,

Are you finding it harder to swim faster? Are you frustrated by seeing your training buddies leave you behind? It doesn’t need to be that way; let me explain…

Although I have swum all my life, I never really had a proper swimming coach. The coaches at school were teachers who did their best but they didn’t really help me.

It was not until late in my life that I joined a masters swimming program and began to learn from great coaches. It really made a big difference for me and now I want to pass on my knowledge to you so that you can swim fast; but more on that later.

I have always loved the water and was a reasonable swimmer whilst growing up. I think I must have been lucky to naturally adopt a reasonable stroke. However, this only got me so far and then I got stuck!

Once I had finished competitive swimming, well water-polo actually, I turned to triathlon. Every day I would swim alongside an elite triathlon squad as they trained and they were just so much faster than me.

At first I thought it was because I lacked fitness, so I increased the volume and intensity of my training. It made little difference; I still couldn’t keep up. I was not even close!

In my first triathlon, I just got left behind. This prompted me to start learning more about swimming faster freestyle and I joined a swimming squad with a professional swim coach. That’s when things began to change…

I began to catch-up with the elite triathletes as they trained alongside me. You can imagine how I felt. My confidence began to grow and I was really looking forward to my daily swim.

Let’s fast-forward… At the age of 40 my team (I did the swim leg) won the gold medal in the open men’s team event at the annual Mooloolaba Triathlon (Australia).

There were about 280 competing teams. I completed my swim in 8th position against some serious talent (including an Olympic gold medal swimmer). At this point I knew I had come a long way and that what I had learned really paid off.

Now I am not suggesting that you will become an Olympic swimmer by following my tips. But can you imagine the look on the faces of your training partners when you start to power past them? And, how much more fun will it be to get to training?

In all the years I have been swimming at local pools, I see people making the most fundamental mistakes. Sometimes I have the urge to offer a tip to someone but feel that it would not be welcome. It is also a bit presumptuous, so I just keep to myself.

Then I had the idea to write an eBook for people who love swimming but can’t seem to go fast. This way, I can pass on my learning's to people who want the information. It is now complete and called “How to Swim Fast with Keith”.

The eBook covers the 10 most common mistakes I have seen time and time again in local pools and provides simple explanation on exactly what you can do to improve your performance.

When you read the information contained within the eBook, you will be immediately compelled to begin working on your swimming.  I guarantee that you will achieve significant results.

When you buy the eBook you will be making an investment in your enjoyment of swimming.  So how much would it be worth to learn how to swim faster and power past your friends?  $70?  $40?  That would be well worth it!  However, I am not going to ask that much because I don't want cost to stand in the way of your success…

Now you can own this excellent resource for only $17!  That’s probably about what you paid for your towel!

So why would I provide you with this great information for such a small investment?

I wish for more people to experience the sense of gliding through the water effortlessly.  It may just make training easier and lead to better health and fitness.  And, I  want it to be affordable for everyone.

Most of all I look forward to hearing what worked for you and the impact it has had on your swimming.

So go ahead and get your copy today!

The swim fast guide is easy to follow and includes topics such as:

Miminise resistance

How to streamline your body as you swim to minimize resistance

Fix key parts of your stroke

The key components of the stroke technique to get right for the most gain in speed

Develop power in your stroke

Training drills and exercises to follow to increase your swimming power

Preparing yourself to go fast

How to apply tapering for your next big event

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